Five ways to use your SendOutCards income

Life is expensive. It feels like you are always waiting for payday to come, only to watch your money vanish the minute it lands in your account. Many of us have large amounts of credit card debt, mortgages, or car payments. Paying all that debt down can take years. Consider joining the SendOutCards family and work towards achieving financial freedom.

SendOutCards is a great at-home income opportunity that you can pursue in your spare time. It’s easy and can make it possible to start paying off debt a little at a time. Once you’ve got your bills in check, you can use the remaining funds to improve your life. For example, you might consider focusing on the following:

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20 items for your summer bucket list!

Summer is here, and it’s time to get outside and have fun. Don’t waste your summer sitting on the couch watching TV, or working all the time. If you plan, you can have some fun experiences and create some great memories. Make a summer bucket list! Here are twenty suggestions to help you get started.

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Visit a historical site
  3. Go on a road trip
  4. Eat at a food truck
  5. Watch fireworks
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Visit a new park
  8. Try a new outdoor sport
  9. Go to a festival
  10. Go on a hike
  11. Take a nap outside
  12. Grow a garden
  13. Go to a waterpark
  14. Meet your neighbors
  15. Host a BBQ
  16. Create some art
  17. Go for a bike ride
  18. Try a new restaurant
  19. Buy a new swimsuit
  20. Take family photos

These are a few ideas to get you started. Making a bucket list is a great way to help stave off boredom and to help you make the best use of your time. Summer only comes around once a year, and you want to make the most of it. Sit down with your family and friends and plan out your ideal summer. Use some of these ideas or think of your own. Once you’ve made your list, commit to doing each item. You’ll have more fun this summer and make some great memories. Draft your summer bucket list today and let the fun begin!

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Make Your Customers Feel Special

Meeting a new client can be nerve-wracking. First impressions matter, and it doesn’t take long to make an impression. Research has shown that within seven seconds, you have indicated whether you are trustworthy. That’s not long. If you’re nervous and it shows, your first impression may not be solid.

Steph Curry, a star basketball player of the NBA Golden State Warriors, switched from an endorsement deal with Nike to Under Armour because of a bad first impression. The story goes that the executive he met with at the pitch meeting for his contract renewal mispronounced his name. To make matters worse, once the PowerPoint presentation started, the Nike team had fellow player Kevin Durant’s name in it instead of Curry’s. The experience soured Curry’s relationship with Nike.

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No Mail, Low Morale!

Have you ever wondered how soldiers received mail during World War II? It was a complicated process and eventually, a massive backlog of mail developed. By February 1945 warehouses in Birmingham, England were stuffed with millions of undelivered letters and packages. Incorrect addresses and common names further complicated the backlog. There were over 7,500 pieces of mail addressed to Robert Smith alone.

This excess caused a huge problem. The army noticed that soldiers who didn’t get mail tended to suffer emotionally. Families who hadn’t heard from loved ones for months were discouraged. The morale of the troops began to suffer, and it affected their performance on the battlefield. What was the solution?

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Introverts are ideally suited to be #Entrepreneurs

Are you an introvert? Introverts get a bad reputation sometimes because many people don’t understand what an introvert really is. An introvert draws their energy from within. They need alone time to recharge and focus. Social situations can be draining for them. There are so many things clamoring for attention. These qualities can make an introvert appear shy or fearful, when that is often not the case.

Running your own business seems like it would be the perfect fit for an extroverted person. Extroverts draw energy from people and social situations. They love attention. All these qualities are great for a budding entrepreneur. Don’t count introverts out, though! Many successful business owners are introverts. Many of the same qualities that make entrepreneurs so successful are actually “introverted” qualities. Here are a few examples:

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