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The Importance of Relationship Marketing

When meeting with a client, customer or potential prospect it is easy to fall into the “forget the rest, just impress” mentality. This type of attitude is common when meeting with someone you want to do business with. A conversation that is meant to build and strengthen trust, loyalty, brand awareness and a relationship suddenly turns into […]


We loved this post and had to share!   Becoming a MASTER at RELATIONSHIP MARKETING is about focusing on the first word, RELATIONSHIP, over the second word, MARKETING. It’s about mastering relationships in 3-core areas: Relationships with yourSELF, Relationships that are PERSONAL and Relationships in BUSINESS. You simply find out who you ARE (relationship with […]

Would you like to Master Relationship Marketing?

Would you like to make ridiculous amounts of money? In Master Relationship Marketing Seminars, Kody Bateman addresses the importance of relationships to grow your business and explains why it should be your goal. What is Relationship Marketing? Relationship Marketing is a strategy that works to create customer and consumer loyalty, engagement and, most importantly, a […]