A year round season: The giving season

One positive we see anytime there is a natural disaster or other catastrophic event is that people do have giving spirits. It allows us to witness the best in human nature with the many stories of kindness and giving. But if you stop and look around, you’ll be able to find examples of kindness and generosity around you all year long.

Of course, giving does begin to pick up at this time of year. Food pantries and shelters are collecting food so that families in need can enjoy holiday dinners, and numerous charities begin to accept donations to provide presents to children who might otherwise receive no gifts on Christmas morning. It is people’s generosity that makes these campaigns succeed – and that is truly an inspiration.

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The Importance of Relationship Marketing

When meeting with a client, customer or potential prospect it is easy to fall into the “forget the rest, just impress” mentality. This type of attitude is common when meeting with someone you want to do business with. A conversation that is meant to build and strengthen trust, loyalty, brand awareness and a relationship suddenly turns into a “showcase” of how great you are.

Have you ever gone in for a job interview and noticed that the interviewer asks you some questions pertinent to your resume but mainly asks you about who you are, your goals, dreams and hobbies that bring meaning to your life? Yes, your resume is stellar, full of impressive facts, figures and data (which is what landed you the interview in the first place), but they want to know you, the real you; see your personality “off” paper.

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Get ready now to enjoy the holiday season

The holiday season–glittering lights, colorful packages, good cheer… stress (and lots of it!). Some people can’t wait for all the activity and excitement of the holidays; others are overwhelmed just by the thought of all that activity and excitement – to say nothing about the real deal! And lots of people fall somewhere in between. The holidays are lots of fun, but did you know that the Christmas season is considered to be one of the most stressful times of year?

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Smile, Smile, Smile

Rush, rush, rush is one certainty in our busy world. Another certainty seems to be stress, stress, stress. And the very rush that drives so many people’s days is the same thing that causes the stress. That stress, in turn, can have some pretty negative impacts on our lives. Do you find yourself missing out on some of the simple pleasures of life as you rush through your days?

There is something you can do. One simple pleasure is ready at any moment. A smile.

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What is a friend?

In an acrostic, each line or paragraph starts with the first letter of a word or phrase. It’s a simple yet effective way to learn how to express thoughts and sentiments.

As simple as an acrostic is, it can be incredibly effective for helping you share your feelings and thoughts. For example, here is an acrostic using a very special word: friend!42854244_M

F – Fun. Friendship is about having fun. That’s how it starts when we are kids, and that’s what keeps it going as we age. Friends are the ones with whom you are silly, the ones with whom you have adventures, and the ones with whom you commiserate as you grow older. A good friend makes you laugh until you hurt, and there is nothing more fun than that!

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