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No Mail, Low Morale!

Have you ever wondered how soldiers received mail during World War II? It was a complicated process and eventually, a massive backlog of mail developed. By February 1945 warehouses in Birmingham, England were stuffed with millions of undelivered letters and packages. Incorrect addresses and common names further complicated the backlog. There were over 7,500 pieces […]

The Importance of Relationship Marketing

When meeting with a client, customer or potential prospect it is easy to fall into the “forget the rest, just impress” mentality. This type of attitude is common when meeting with someone you want to do business with. A conversation that is meant to build and strengthen trust, loyalty, brand awareness and a relationship suddenly turns into […]

Here’s a Recipe for an even better you in 2016!

Here’s a Recipe for an even better you in 2016! Here is a recipe for an even better you! As the new year starts, many of us are planning on making some big changes, setting resolutions and goals we may or may not keep. This year instead of just setting goals, try this recipe for […]

Navigating a war of words

­ Navigating a war of words ­ Everyone’s a critic, and as an entrepreneur you are going to face plenty of criticism. No matter how hard you try, inevitably one of your customers will have a negative experience. It’s a part of running your own business. The problem is one bad review doesn’t just mean […]

There is Hidden Strength in all of Us!

­ There is Hidden Strength in all of Us ­ Sometimes the unexpected happens. We’ve all heard of miraculous stories of survival that seem like they can’t be real. Some of them seem like they are right out of the movies. Take for instance the story of a man who survived for three days underwater […]