It’s time for a Laugh

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. Studies have shown that there are many health benefits to a good laugh including: relaxation, boosted immune response, endorphin release, calorie burn, and stress release. With all these good benefits how can you make time for a good laugh each day? We’ve got some great ideas!

1. Send a funny card to a friend. This one is our favorite. Our library is full of hilarious cards that will make you laugh as you browse. Pick one today and send it to a friend who could use a good laugh.

2. Make a playlist of funny videos. Sometimes you just need a quick fix of laughter. YouTube is the key. Find your favorite type of video and make a 105799321_Mplaylist to put on when you need a quick chortle. Maybe it’s funny fails, silly cat antics, or funny toddlers. It could even be bits from your favorite comedians. Start curating your list today.

3. Get a joke calendar. Daily calendars are a great way to make each day feel a little bit special. Find a funny one that will make you smile each day. It could be from a beloved comic strip or it could be a daily ‘dad’ joke. The best part? You can share your daily giggle with your family and friends.

4. Connect with your coworkers. We’re all in the trenches of work together. Your coworkers are your allies in the fight against boredom and stress. Mingle together, share stories, and make each other laugh. It will boost camaraderie and make you feel better.

5. Laugh at the small things. Accidents, mistakes, and silly things happen. Be lighthearted when these things happen instead of getting upset. Choose to see the humor in life and you’ll find yourself laughing instead of yelling.

A laugh will always feel good. You don’t have to turn your day into a stand up routine to feel the benefits of laughter. Small and simple ways like this to incorporate laughter in your daily life can have so many benefits. Find a giggle in your life today!

To your continued success,


Cynthia Kelsey

Sandra Vint

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