Smile, Smile, Smile

Rush, rush, rush is one certainty in our busy world. Another certainty seems to be stress, stress, stress. And the very rush that drives so many people’s days is the same thing that causes the stress. That stress, in turn, can have some pretty negative impacts on our lives. Do you find yourself missing out on some of the simple pleasures of life as you rush through your days?

There is something you can do. One simple pleasure is ready at any moment. A smile.

A smile really does have significant research-proven benefits, like these:

  1. A smile reduces stress.
  2. A smile improves heart health.
  3. A smile improves ability to handle emotions.

In the middle of your rush, rush, rush as you feel the stress, stress, stress, stop for a moment and smile, smile, smile. You’ll find that you feel better. And when you share a smile, you’ll help others feel better too. There’s nothing better than making someone smile just because. So embrace this simple pleasure and smile, smile, smile!

Smile and spread a little Sunshine Today and Everyday.

To your continued success,


Cynthia Kelsey and

Sandra Vint


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