What about dear old Dad?

What about dear old Dad?

46448652_SWhat did you get your mother for Mother’s Day? Did you call? Send flowers or candy? Take her out to dinner?

What are you planning to do for dear old Dad? You may have heard that consumers spend lots less on Father’s Day than they do on Mother’s Day. While it is true, spending in 2016 reached its highest point since the National Retail Federation started tracking Father’s Day spending in 2006. And it appears that spending for 2017 will be comparable.

But you should ask yourself one important question before you shop this year: What does Dad really want? Chances are, Dad will be happiest with something that is priceless: taking the time to show your love.

You might show it with the perfect gift. You might show it with a heartfelt card. You might show it on a fishing trip or when you take him to a ball game. You might even show it with a simple “I love you.” If it is from the heart, it will be perfect.

Letting Dad know that you appreciate him shouldn’t be reserved only for one day of the year, but Father’s Day does provide the perfect opportunity to express your love and gratitude to the fathers in your life. Whether you show it or say it, “I love you” is the perfect gift for dear old Dad this Father’s Day!

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