Looking for special Mother’s Day ideas?

While every mother deserves diamond bracelets and fancy chocolates for Mother’s Day, those are not always in the budget. And really, is it the price of a gift that makes it so special – or is it the sentiment behind the gift? The one gift that is worth more than any dollar amount is LOVE! Try some of these ideas that start with love to make Mother’s Day extra special:

  • Handpicked bouquets. There are beautiful flowers in bloom this time of year. Look for different sizes, colors and types to make a truly unique arrangement. Be sure to ask before you pick any flowers that are not yours!
  • Breakfast in bed. Whether you handcraft heart-shaped pancakes or throw a couple of pastries in the toaster, delivering breakfast to Mom in bed is always a favorite! The simple act of pampering her means more than the food served. Just remember to do the dishes so she doesn’t have to.
  • Complete all the chores … without being asked! You know the bathrooms always need to be cleaned and the furniture needs to be dusted. So do those chores without prompting and without complaining (now there’s a gift!). For even greater impact, take on the big jobs, such as cleaning out the garage, washing baseboards or dusting mini-blinds.
  • Clean the car. Nothing says “I Love You” like cleaning out the Mom-mobile! Throw away the trash hidden under the seats, get fingerprints off the windows, vacuum the floors and give the outside a bath. She will love the fact that you put time into her home away from home!
  • Write and perform a skit just for Mom. Base it on how much you appreciate her and add a little humor to it. She will love seeing a tribute to her acted out by those she loves the most.
  • Make the whole day about her! From start to finish, do all things Mom. Make her favorite breakfast, watch her favorite shows, take a trip to her favorite place – just spend time with her.

Make the most of Mother’s Day and make sure your mom knows she is appreciated! Most importantly, no matter how you choose to honor Mom, don’t forget to actually tell her how you feel. If you have a hard time finding the words, you can let your actions speak. And accompany those with the perfect card to convey your sentiments. But whatever you do, do it with love.


Cynthia Kelsey

Sandra Vint


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