Here’s a Recipe for an even better you in 2016!

Here’s a Recipe for an even better you in 2016!

Here is a recipe for an even better you!

Recipe book and ingredients

A hefty cup of daily gratitude: Every day take a moment to be grateful for what you have. Acknowledge your blessings and soon, instead of desiring change or something new, you will see the beauty of the life you already lead.

A dash of opportunity: Self improvement is an ongoing part of life. Look for small opportunities for improvement each day. As you focus on seizing those moments, you will naturally learn to recognize those opportunities and take advantage of them.

Several cups of selfless service: If you want to be a better person, don’t be selfish. Look for ways to serve and be kind to others. As you do so, you will build friendships that will challenge and strengthen you and present new opportunities. Your life will be blessed as you look outside yourself and strive to help others. WithSendcere it’s easy to follow through on promptings to be kind by sending a simple card or gift.

Drink daily from your cup of self-love: This is the most important ingredient. Self-love is not about excusing bad behaviors or choices but instead acknowledging that you are human, are growing and are capable of change. Choose to be happy; choose to appreciate yourself and recognize the positive behaviors and attitudes you already possess. You may just find yourself falling back in love with who you are!

This year follow our recipe to be your best self. Share with those you love this year and let others see the best you!

To your continued Success,


Cynthia Kelsey

Sandra Vint

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