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Remember, Fear is not Real!

Most people never live up to the potential they have been given. The results they produce and the life they experience are only a tiny fraction of what they are truly capable of. Why? What stops us? Only one thing: fear. But here’s what I want you to remember: Fear Is Not Real Sure, it feels real—the […]

20 Powerful Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Tips

Robert Kiyosaki on Network Marketing The majority of people out there solely because they’ve been approached terribly by some newbie, non-trained network marketer thinks that network marketing is a scam or isn’t a viable way to make money. It’s cool when a credible and major entrepreneur truly understands the model and is able to strip […]

You are a miracle

You are a miracle. A biological marvel. An amazing spiritual being with an awe-inspiring creative ability. Your life force is what gives your being vitality and strength. Your life force is your spirit energy that gives life to your soul. How are you using this precious and miraculous life force? Are you spending it on […]

Follow the Warren Buffett’s 3 Step Method for Prioritization

Follow the Warren Buffett’s 3 Step Method for Prioritization It’s pretty simple…There’s no minor project list. There’s no maybe we’ll get to this list. There’s no side project list. There are only three priorities, and everything else is thrown out so all mental, financial, and spiritual resources can be fully invested into those three, and only […]