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What is Relationship Money?

What is Relationship Money? It’s not about what “I” can get, it’s about what “I” can give. It’s not about what “I” can make, it’s about what “I” can offer. Have the money you need so you can focus more on creating and enhancing genuine relationships in your life. Focus on your relationships, get your […]

The Formula for Getting Lucky

The Formula for Getting Lucky…what is it? It’s very simple, 4 steps…they are: 1.  Preparation (personal growth) 2.  Attitude (belief/mindset) 3.  Opportunity (luck) 4.  Action (doing something about it). Follow these 4 Steps Daily and watch how quickly you find your own LUCK!!! Here’s to you Getting Lucky! Want to learn more about how you […]

What do people Think of You?

What do people think of you? Do wonder about this one question often? Well guess what…they don’t.  Sorry, bold but true. They don’t think about you, they think about themselves. They think about what you do and are to them and how you made them feel. So the best thin to do, stop worrying about […]

Creating your Dream Career

Creating your Dream Career Taking control of your career requires constant effort, which can be hard. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing our job that we forget to ask where it is all going. Remember, your job is part of your career but not your whole career. You may be working at a […]

A Family Recipe Challenge – a fun challenge as Easter Approaches

A Family Recipe Challenge – a fun challenge as Easter Approaches How could a recipe card like this one help make your family closer?   Families are often spread far apart. It can sometimes be difficult to get together and share one another’s company. As the years go by and families get bigger, it’s usually […]