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12 Ways to Make 2015 your Best Year!

12 Ways to Make 2015 your Best Year! Yes, February is next week, but the is still time to work on your mindset to make 2015 your best year. Here are some ideas: 1.  Make yourself a priority. 2.  Be grateful for what you have.  Start each day thinking of the things that you are […]

Time to Spread some ‘feel good’!

Want to Spread some ‘feel good’!?   Moments…that’s all it takes to spread some ‘feel good’ around. Think about it this way: One reason many people work out or run is to get that sense of euphoria that results – the ‘feel good’ that comes as a result of exercise when endorphins are released. Guess what! […]

Time for a new Business Plan?

Time for a new Business Plan? OK. It’s time to take stock of where you are in your business life. Maybe you have a job that you like with a boss you like and coworkers you like doing something you like. But wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could have a job you LOVE, doing […]

Business is about Building Relationships

Business is about building relationships. Taking a moment to acknowledge a new friendship is an important part of relationship building. Send a Physical Card like this in the mail, from your computer for Free, right now. Click on this link and select the “Send Card” option, Call us 850-723-2662, if you need any help. To […]

Start your new year with simple ways to make a difference

Happy New Year! Many use the start of a new year to reflect and rejuvenate. While many people focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle or setting business goals, improving yourself can be as simple as a kind thought, a caring word or a sweet note for someone else. Being gracious is often overlooked when, in […]