4 Jim Rohn Key Insights to Having Success in Life

4 Jim Rohn Key Insights to Having Success in Life


Whether you aim to achieve more success in your personal life, professional life—or both, Jim Rohn shares the 4 key insights below, for achieving success all areas of your life.

1. If You Change, Everything Else Will Change With You

Pay attention to the words you choose when you discuss the changes you wish would occur in your life. What you are looking for, is whether you see change as something that begins with you, or something that falls on someone else’s shoulders. Once you realize that all change starts with you—you will be heading in the right direction.

2. If You Want To Have More, You Have To Be More

Success is something you attract, by the person you become. This goes back to the concept that if you always take the same approach to achieving success in life, you will always garner the same results—so try a new approach.

3. Don’t Wish It Was Easier, Wish You Were Better

The fact of the matter is, life just isn’t easy. Instead of wishing for “easier”, take a proactive approach to being better at what you do. When you go about the business of becoming better, your current challenges will become easier to resolve.

4. Do Not Neglect To Do The Easy Things

Sometimes we over-complicate things, and try to reinvent every wheel—and in turn miss out on the most important details. The “easy’ things in life, are easy to do—but are also just as easy not to do. Successful people are the ones who are willing to do what others are not willing to do.

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  1. I love your blog. I found you guts on IG. I run a biz and lead a team with It Works Global. Personal growth is top of my radar and I will be adding your blog to my routine. Thank you!!

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