The 14 Worst Songs about Valuable Facebook Stats

Valuable Facebook Stats


14 Worst Songs…we don’t even think there is one song about Facebook Stats, but if there was,

you have to agree it would probably not be one you would like to listen too!

Seriously though, we ran across the stats and had to share.

  1. 66% of people on Facebook are Millennials.
  2. Posts with 80 characters or less, get the most engagement.
  3. 35% of Facebook users “Like” pages to enter a contest, so hold one!
  4. Photos are the most likely to be shared.
  5. The best day of the week to post is Friday, it’s the day with most engagement…skip the temptation to not post on Friday to start the weekend early.
  6. Facebook has 1.28 Billion Users, it’s not going away.
  7. And Facebook has 1.01 Million Mobile Users.  Be sure to make everything view able on Mobile.
  8. 35% of Customer Questions go unanswered (this one really surprised us).  Be sure to respond to all comments and questions, don’t leave people hanging.

Which fact do you find most helpful?

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