How To Find #Hashtags

How To Find Hashtags







When creating your weekly social media posts, it is important to insert relevant and trending hashtags—but you must learn first how to find them. The below tips will help you find trending hashtags, as well as popular long-term hashtags—either for inspiration, or to utilize word for word.

1.      Search “#Discover”

The #Discover tab in Twitter allows you to search the most popular hashtags per your Twitter habits. You can also look along the left-hand column at the Trends section for the top 9 or so.

2.      Use An Analytics Tool

There are many free and paid trending hashtag tools to choose from. They all work a bit differently, but most will let you see the trending hashtags for the day, week, or month.

3.      Perform A Direct Search

Also type the hashtag you are considering using directly into the social media search box. This will allow you to see the most current and popular posts with the hashtag you have entered.

While the tips above will help you find trending hashtags, don’t be afraid to create your own. Such as #YourBusinessName.



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