How to Consistently get in #FacebookNewsfeeds without Paying for it!

How to Consistently get in #FacebookNewsfeeds without Paying for it!


Facebook is always changing, so you have to stay on top of your page and offer quality content to stay on top of the Newsfeed.  Here are some ideas to help you compete with the best!

1.      Use Photos and Graphics

Photos drive engagement and are beating out all other kinds of status updates.  Per Social Bakers, Photos still get the most Action:  Photos 87%, Links 4%, Album 4%, Video 3%, Status 2%.   Facebook is going to provide what the majority of its users want.  The numbers don’t lie.  Photos get an average of 53% more likes than an average post.  You can create photos using, it’s easy to use and you can add frames, colors and text.

2.     Inspire

Watch t.v. today and you are quickly bombarded with negatives, go to work and you will certainly get more of the same, so when people go to Facebook, they love being inspired and motivated.  Combine #1, using photos and graphics, with an inspirational quote and you are sure to hit a home run.  If you do not have time to create them, go to and hire someone to do it.  Tip – make sure you put your website name on all of the graphics that you create.  If they go viral, it is a great way to get more exposure for your business.

3.     Make Them Laugh


Who doesn’t love a good laugh?  If you can make your fans laugh, you’ve hit another home run!  You can share funny pictures and/or cartoon jokes.

4.     Build Relationships


Social Media is being Social, you can’t just post a couple of times and expect great things to happen.  You have to be consistent, and present.  If fans comment on a post, take the time to reply.  It makes them feel special and want to share more of your content with their fans and friends.  Be yourself, share personal pictures and let your fans know who you are.

5.     Don’t Forget Current Events

The Super Bowl, Olympics, or any high trending events are a perfect topic to post a status update about the event.

6.     Check out your Insights

Facebook offers great analytics called “Insights” so make sure you are taking advantage of them.  You can sort through them by popularity to quickly learn what is creating engagement and what does not.

7.     Change It Up

Don’t offer the same content all the time or your fans will get bored, and Facebook will drop you off their Newsfeeds.  Create a posting plan with a variety of content and stick to it.

We hope this has helped and look forward to hearing your comments.

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To your continued success,

Cynthia and Sandra Kelsey

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