Twitter Lists and Why You Should Be Using Them


#TwitterLists and Why You Should Be Using Them, Plus Tips on being a Terrific Tweeter!







When it comes to social media marketing, you must learn ways in which you can maximize your success—on each individual social media platform. When it comes to Twitter, Tweeting is not enough. One of the ways you can improve results and increase your presence, is by utilizing Twitter lists in the following ways.

Organize—Twitter lists allow you to organize the users you are following, by criteria that support your goals—such as by industry or company. Your lists can be private or public depending on your goals. For example, if you are utilizing a Twitter list to keep an eye on your competition, that list would most likely be private. However, a list of VIP clients could be public to show your VIPs how highly they are regarded.

Increase Brand Recognition—If you have a list named “Industry Leaders” who you add a new user to, they will notice the list they are added to—and your “Follow” will resonate with them more because you have paid them the complement of adding them to an expert list. This will not only make you more recognizable down the road, but will make you more memorable.

Creating Resources—You can create Twitter lists in a manner in which they are a resource to your target audience. For example, if you work in the interior design industry and create an “Innovative Artists” list—your followers will know they can look there to find unique work for their design projects.



Here are a 3 Tips to be a better Tweeter

1. When someone tweets to us like this, “@SunshineMarketers, You ROCK!” it is not being seen by our followers, It is only being seen by who we have in common.  By putting a . in front of “. @SunshineMarketers, You ROCK!” or just one word like “Hi @SunshineMarketers”, now both of our followers are going to see it.

2. Spice it up, be different, don’t do the same thing all the time.  Quotes, questions, articles, “Thanks you’s” are all good material.  Post things that raise curiosity.

3. Post articles, but  remember that this is Social Media, if that’s all you post all day long and never interact, most people will ignore you.  It’s about building relationships.

These are just a few of ways you can maximize your social media marketing success with Twitter lists and tips on being a better Tweeter!

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    I am positively impressed by your connection.
    I’m going to be following you !!
    Do you think you can pull me out of bankruptcy?
    I like your thinking, so far.

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