10 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

10 Ways to Get More #Pinterest Followers


1.  Invite your friends to follow you, Pinterest makes it easy to do this through Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook and Email.





2.  Like in twitter, using #hashtags will allow your pins to appear when people are searching for particular words.

3.  Follow other people, most people will follow you back.  And if someone re-pins one of your pins, follow that board, and make that connection.

4.  Leave Comments on other people’s pins.  This is #SocialMedia, be social and make those connections.

5.  Install a “Follow” button on your website by going here, http://about.pinterest.com/goodies/.

6.  Add Pinterest to your email signature.

7.  Use StumbleUpon to create content.  It is a discovery engine that can get your creative juices flowing.

8.  Give your pins great descriptions and it increases the possibility that they will start popping up on Google searches.  Most people do not do this so this.

9.  Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Pinterest account and your Pins will automatically post and tweet.


10.  Create Pinterest Tutorials the next time you create a tutorial.  You can create an image for each step and add them to a tutorial board.

You can use Pinterest to promote your Facebook and Twitter accounts and improve your Facebook Marketing.  Would you like to learn about Facebook Marketing from the Queen of Facebook?  Click here to get her free Training Video =>http://bit.ly/1fWtvcP.

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Cynthia and Sandra Kelsey



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