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Develop and Attitude of #Gratitude

  Express Gratitude on a Daily Basis Sometimes people have trouble expressing gratitude, even when they are grateful. It can be really hard, especially in winter months, to communicate to other people how much we appreciate them. Sometimes the reasons for not expressing gratitude are obvious ones. For example a person might have laid off […]

10 Habits of Happy People

We all want to be happy and here are a list of things to focus on that can help you stay focused on the positive! 10 Habits of Happy People 1.  Do What they Love – Steve Jobs stood by this philosophy.  He believed that if you do what you love you never will work […]

Photo Tools to Create Visual Tools for your Social Media Marketing

Photos are a great tool to increase engagement in your Social Media efforts.  Here are some great tools to make your Photos incredible. 1.  Live Luv Create, is great because you can use your own images or select images from their library.  You can have up to 3 text areas and you can add filters, borders […]

10 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

10 Ways to Get More #Pinterest Followers 1.  Invite your friends to follow you, Pinterest makes it easy to do this through Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook and Email. 2.  Like in twitter, using #hashtags will allow your pins to appear when people are searching for particular words. 3.  Follow other people, most people will follow you back.  […]

How to Nurture Leads with your Business Blog

HOW TO NURTURE LEADS WITH YOUR BUSINESS BLOG  Implement Smart Calls-to-Action (CTAs) Smart CTAs are CTAs that function dynamically, they enable you to automatically display different CTAs to different visitors based on information you’ve already collected about them in your contacts database. For blog visitors who you’ve already converted into leads, it may be wiser […]