Facebook Business Fan Pages…Do I need one?

Facebook Business Fan Pages…Do I need one?


Many people have asked us if it is necessary to have a separate Facebook Fan Page for your Business.  Below are the primary benefits of doing so.

  1. 1.      Professionalism—Facebook Fan Pages are laid out in a manner that is more professional than personal pages.  Having a separate page also allows you to keep your personal and professional social media completely separate—however, you do need a personal page to create a Fan Page.
  2. 2.      More Likes—Personal pages limit the number of friends, followers, and likes you can have, but professional pages give you the ability to have an unlimited number of fans.
  3. 3.      Analytics—Facebook Fan Pages are designed with businesses in mind, so they give you weekly reports that analyze your increase or decrease in activity to help you identify what is working well—and more importantly what is not.
  4. 4.      Advertising—When you create your new Facebook Fan Page you will see that you have built-in advertising features that allow you to quickly and easily participate in Facebook ad campaigns for a minimal, or more substantial investment.

If you have yet to create a Facebook Fan Page, or have been putting off switching from a personal page to a professional page—you are missing out on all the benefits above!

To your continued success,


Cynthia and Sandra Kelsey

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