Vision Boards — and How Can It Change Your Life?


Vision Boards—and How Can It Change Your Life?

All of us have goals and desires in life. In fact much of our disheartening comes from being unable to realize those goals and desires. Some of those desires are material like wanting to have a great car or nice home. Other desires are immaterial like a single woman who wants to be married to a good man. When we aren’t able to achieve our desires, something in us shifts away from reaching for them altogether. We begin to think that we aren’t good enough to have our desires or able to obtain our goals. The thought hurts us because it is aimed at what we truly want and then to minimize the pain, we shrink away from our dreams. Thus we never fully realize our dreams.

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To combat the feeling of inadequacy that we often feel when we think about our dreams, many people have used a vision board. Now a vision board can almost sound like a mythological term or something that is out of the east. “A vision board?” you ask, wondering if this is something out of the New Age movement. Well, it’s not. A vision board is just a vision board and it almost sounds way too simple.

Now what exactly is a vision board? A vision board is a visible display that holds images of your dreams or desires. That is all it is. It can be a bulletin board where printed images are pinned onto it, or it can be the desktop background for your laptop’s wallpaper. It doesn’t need to be anything fancies either because its function is to simply serve as a reminder for your goals and dreams.

When someone is confronted with their dreams, they tend to shrink away from them. Fear against disappointment acts as a guard, which stands in the way of obtaining our dreams. That takes us out of the running because we don’t even try to obtain our dreams in the first place. Since a vision board keeps our dreams front and center, we are confronted with those dreams every single day. Thus we are faced with the dilemma of either working towards obtaining those dreams or facing the pain of seeing unmet dreams.

Most people will begin working towards achieving their goals. Being confronted on a day-to-day basis with your deepest desires can be too much for the human soul to bear. Since the dreams are constantly in front of you, you won’t be able to ignore them. Eventually your mind will ache because the emotional pain of not trying to achieve your dream becomes greater than the fear of failure. Something will shift inside of you and you will take your first step to achieving your desires.

Then you find out that trying isn’t so bad. It’s kind of like having a small bite of chocolate and upon finding out that chocolate tastes good, you reach for another piece. Then you reach for yet another piece of chocolate until you have consumed the whole candy bar. That is what it feels like to begin working towards your dreams. The vision board is the picture of the chocolate bar, but you have to go and get one for yourself to have it.

We can create your own vision board, like the one above for only $20.  Just email the 8 pictures you would like in the board to and we will contact you for delivery and payment information.

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Cynthia and Sandra Kelsey

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