5 Content Ideas for Your Marketing Success

It is no secret to Marketers that to get people to visit, like and share your content and to get search engine traffic, you have to have great and different content.  Content has to vary, it just can’t always be writing.  Here are 5 ideas that will help engage your audience.


1.  Quotes - People love quotes and they are easy to find.  You can google any word: inspiration, work, motivation, goals, and put “quotes” after the word and you will get page after page of quotes to use.   Quotes in an image get double the results and you can find them in a Google’s Image search.  The perfect size for facebook images 403 x 403 and 495 x 403 for Google Plus.


2.  Be Funny – We are so serious day to day and people enjoy a good laugh.  It is a good thing to spice it and and give people a reason to smile.


3.  Info-Graphics - These are becoming very popular.   They are so easy to read and it they don’t require a lot of writing.  You can create them yourself  by using www.infogr.am or you can find them on Pinterest.  Don’t worry if you haven’t used Pinterest, it’s not hard and after you sign up, just type ‘infographic’ in the search bar and you will be amazed at how many pop up!  Make sure to give credit to the author of the infographic.

4.  “How To” Articles - People love these, how many of these articles have you read?   If you want to learn how to do anything, people just do a google search and ‘BAM’ there are the instructions.  Just remember to be precise and stay away from fluff and people will be thanking you for helping them.

5.  Product Tools - Have you started using a new tool that you love?   Then write about it.  As marketers, we are always looking for tools, Twitter Tools, Facebook Apps, WordPress Plugins, Android or iPhone Apps, so when you find one that helps you, share them with your followers.  When sharing, check to see if the product has Affiiates, and if so, sign up as one and use those links in your articles.  This is a great way to monetize your blog.

If this helped you out, please write a comment.

To your success!


Cynthia and Sandra Kelsey


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  1. Hi, Cynthia,
    Indeed a wonderful post. :)
    Quotes are very useful and I use it very often in my marketing strategy. Being funny connects with our visitors and how to also help in connecting people.
    Collectively, very nice write-up.
    Thank You very much.
    Have a great weekend. :)
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