Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success


Theses are from one of the most influential works in history, Napoleon Hill’s renowned Think and Grow Rich.  These principles work but you must ACT on them.


1.  Definiteness of PurposeThe starting point of all achievement.  You must have a specific Purpose or Goal, make a plan to achieve it, then focus on it Daily.

2.  The Mastermind AllianceOnly through the cooperation of others will you find success.  A Partnership where two or more people who combine their expertise to achieve shared goals will do so at a faster rate than they would doing it alone.

3.  Applied Health –  Action is the first requirement of all faith.  When a plan comes to your conscious mind, act upon it at once, in good faith…don’t argue or worry.

4.  Going the Extra MileTo expect more, you must do more.  The more value you bring to anything…relationships, career,  the more you are rewarded.

5.  Pleasing Personality – Your greatest asset or liability.

6.  Personal InitiativeThe power that starts all action.  If you have passion and initiative to act on your own, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

7.  Positive Mental AttitudeSuccess attracts more success.  Think about failure and you will attract failure, think about success, you attract success.

8.  EnthusiasmTurn thoughts into actions.  Enthusiasm will help you through the temporary defeats and allow you to continue with positive actions that lead to accomplishment.

9.  Self-DisciplineThe bottleneck through which your personal power must flow.  One must balance the emotions of your heart with the reasoning of your mind.

10.  Accurate ThinkingYour most beneficial power available.  You mind must spend its time focusing on the most important to reap extraordinary results.

11.  Controlled AttentionGreat achievements are the results of the focused mind.  As you concentrate on your major purpose and create a clear picture of that purpose in your conscious mind, the subconscious mind will take over.

12.  TeamworkCooperation always pays high dividends.

13.  Learning from Adversity and DefeatEach setback is a seed of opportunity.  Temporary defeats often lead to blessings in disguise…don’t give up.

14.  Creative VisionUnleash your imagination upon the world.  Learn how to tap into your most creative abilities.

15.  Maintenance of Sound HealthYour most valuable asset.  If you do not have your health, you have nothing.

16.  Budgeting Time and MoneyMaximize these valuable, finite resources.  If you spend your time and money on improving yourself, helping your family and others, greatness will be yours.

17.  Cosmic HabitforceFullfill your dreams…automatically.  Develop positive habits that engage the universal laws where you automatically do what is right for your mind, health and financial security.

To your continued success, CHEERS!

Cynthia and Sandra Kelsey

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2 Responses to “Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success”

  1. Hi, Cynthia,
    Indeed very inspiring thoughts. :)
    I have read this book and the book is very helpful for me as well as for all its readers.
    I just want to congratulate you that you have done an excellent job to summarize the whole book in few words.

    Thank you very much for keeping these wonderful words before us.
    Have a nice week ahead. :)
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…Is referral traffic a savior?My Profile

    • sunshine says:

      Thank you Kumar for visiting our blog and the positive feedback. It is amazing how old the book is and it is still a valuable toll for so many people. You have a nice week also, Cynthia

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