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Facebook Marketing Tips #10 – Have a Guest Host

Invite a celebrity, fan or employee to post on your page as a guest for a day or week.  Introduce them and include a picture of them in the avatar.   It gives a new perspective to your page and increased exposure for both of you.

5 Content Ideas for Your Marketing Success

It is no secret to Marketers that to get people to visit, like and share your content and to get search engine traffic, you have to have great and different content.  Content has to vary, it just can’t always be writing.  Here are 5 ideas that will help engage your audience. 1.  Quotes – People love quotes […]

Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success

  Theses are from one of the most influential works in history, Napoleon Hill’s renowned Think and Grow Rich.  These principles work but you must ACT on them. 1.  Definiteness of Purpose – The starting point of all achievement.  You must have a specific Purpose or Goal, make a plan to achieve it, then focus on it […]

Attitude of Gratitude: 16 Quotes to Help You Focus on the Positive

When you start each day focusing of the things you are grateful for, it puts your mind in an Attitude of Gratitude.  I challenge you to join the 30 Day Gratitude  Challenge, where you start each day with sending someone a card telling them that you are grateful for them and why.  I have been doing […]

Facebook News for Page Owners: The New Version of Page Insights is Here

News for #Facebook Page Owners: The New Version of Facebook Page Insights is Here Earlier this year Facebook invited Page owners to try a new version of #FacebookPageInsights designed to help create better content and provide admins with more information about the people that visit their pages. Today, after gathering feedback from the early users of […]