Facebook Marketing Tip #4- Tweet your Facebook Posts


Link your Facebook Account to your Twitter Account so that whenever you post on Facebook, it is automatically tweeted!  It’s easy to do, just login to your facebook account and now go to www.facebook.com/twitter.

You will see the list of your Facebook pages and you just want to select the ones that you want to “Link to Twitter”.

Now just go login to your twitter account and authorize the action.

If you post something and you don’t want it in Twitter, just login into your Twitter account and delete the tweet.  For example, if you just post a picture in Facebook, it will just show up as a link without any wording, not a very engaging tweet.

You will also have to remember to check both your Facebook and Twitter accounts for any questions or responses, and reply to them.  You don’t want to leave anyone hanging in either network.

Twitter only allows 140 characters so if your Facebook post is longer than that, Twitter will put as many characters as possible in the tweet and then end your tweet with a link to the Facebook post.  For the first few times, just look at the tweet so you get and idea of what the tweets look like.  But overall, it is very helpful.

Happy Facebook-ing and Tweeting!

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