Facebook Marketing Tip #3 – Use Video


Facebook Marketing Tip #3 – Use Video!

Videos are becoming very popular not only by fans but also search engines.  They are easy to make and if you are a little creative, fun to watch.  Think about it…how many times have your watched a video on Facebook?  If the thought of making your own video terrifies you, start out by using a video from YouTube.  There so many videos to choose from, that it is easy to find one that fits what you are talking about.  To learn more on how to do this, visit http://www.wikihow.com/Add-YouTube-Videos-to-Facebook.  Ther are easy to follow instructions with pictures.

BUT to take full advantage of videos on Facebook, you will need to unload your own video file onto the Video Tab (not one that is located on YouTube) which is located in the same place where you upload pictures into your Facebook Status.  The advantage with doing it this way?  Whenever a “Non-fan” watches your video, they get a “Like” pop up suggesting that they like your Facebook page.  Just think about it, if you place a Facebook Ad to promote your video and it goes viral, think of all the “Like”s you can get!

What’s next?  How about turning your Facebook page into a Lead Generator, without having to be a html expert!


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