Networking – Are you a Farmer or a Hunter?

I still remember the first day I went to a BNI – Business Networking International  meeting.  I had just met the person who had invited me, he said “Would you like to join me for breakfast and meet some people in this group that meets every Thursday?”  I said sure and the next thing I know, I am at this meeting and informed that I have to get up and give a 60 Second Commercial to this room of 40+ people.  I was terrified but did it and joined the group that day.  If you have never been to a BNI meeting, I highly recommend it.  You will meet people that will become Business Partners and many will become close friends.  But it is much more than just Networking, you learn about how to Network and how to build your business.

So…are you a Farmer or a Hunter?  BNI teaches you that in order to build your business you must build relationships with people.  After you learn about them and they learn about you, the business comes naturally….hence a farmer.   But if you are always pushing your product, never listening, not showing any interest in the other person and just going for the sale, Hunter, it won’t work.  Networking is all about building relationships.

My gift to you today is to send 3 cards to people you just met that say it was nice to meet you.  Emails are nice, but people are get so many emails and rarely a card, that a card really makes you stand out!  It’s FREE, my gift to you…just go to and click on the “Send a Free Card” banner and you will be directed to another page and you need to again click on “Send a Free Card”, say “yes” to “Do you want a walk through” and you will be talked though sending a card.  Here you will create a Free Gift Account, that will allow you to send 3 cards on me.  You can save your login information and go back to to create and send your next two cards at your leisure.  These are physical cards you get in the mail, not emails.  I hope you LOVE it as much as I do.

Happy Networking and Card Sending!




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