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Facebook Marketing Tip #5 – Use Hashtags & Pictures

  Facebook Marketing Tip #5 – Use Hashtags – #, and add pictures.  This is Facebook newest feature and it’s been getting a lot of attention.  It’s just like with twitter, you want to hashtag your keywords, words that people will be searching for.  A quick reminder to follow hashtag etiquette, only use 4 maximum per […]

Facebook Marketing Tip #4- Tweet your Facebook Posts

  Link your Facebook Account to your Twitter Account so that whenever you post on Facebook, it is automatically tweeted!  It’s easy to do, just login to your facebook account and now go to You will see the list of your Facebook pages and you just want to select the ones that you want […]

Facebook Marketing Tip #3 – Use Video

  Facebook Marketing Tip #3 – Use Video! Videos are becoming very popular not only by fans but also search engines.  They are easy to make and if you are a little creative, fun to watch.  Think about it…how many times have your watched a video on Facebook?  If the thought of making your own […]

Facebook Marketing Tip #2 – Facebook Ads

  Facebook Marketing Tip #2 is to “Try Facebook Marketing Ads”.  They are inexpensive and you can see results instantly.  If you don’t like the results, you can cancel or modify the ad instantly.  Just go to and there you will find tutorials on How to use Facebook Ads.  Before you jump into it though, here […]

Facebook Marketing Tips

I will be sharing some Facebook Marketing Tips over the next few days that I have found very helpful and think you will too. Tip #1 – Make sure you have a link or what facebook calls “badges” to your Facebook page on your website.  If you don’t Facebook shows you have to do it here: […]